Environmental Almanac

The environmental almanac is a collection of current and historical events which have significantly influenced our environment situation. As well as the basic data, the environmental almanac provides a short description of the events.

The environmental almanac is made available via the Semantic Network Service (SNS) of the Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt).

You can search in a targeted manner for events by submitting a search in the environment chronicle via Search Term, Temporal Relation and Event-Type using the Show button.


The environmental almanc lists different event types. In this area you can choose which types of event you are searching for.

Temporal Relation

The environment chronicle lists the date for every event upon which it happened. In this area you can give the point in time or the time period in which you are searching for environment-relevant events.

Search Term

You can enter a search term in this area. Events are searched for containing the search term in the title or in the description.