Privacy Policy

PortalU contains content that is categorized as "Teledienst" (after § 2 Teledienstgesetz (TDG)), as well as content that is categorized as "Mediendienst" (after § 2 Mediendienste-Staatsvertrag (MDStV)). The following policies do apply:

  • With each user-access to a content-page in PortalU, the relevant access-data are saved in a log file. This information is not personalized. Therefore it is not possible to reason which user has had access to which content page. The purpose of the log file is purely statistical. The evaluation of the log file helps to improve PortalU.

    Deactivation/activation of the statistic collection

  • An exeption to our general privacy policy is made when personal data (e-mail, name, address) are provided to register for the PortalU newsletter. This information is provided by the user on a voluntary basis an is saved for internal purposes (mailing of newsletter). The information is not given to third-parties. The use of specific Portal functions does not, as far as technically feasible, depend on the provision of personal data.

  • You can take benefit of virtually all functions of PortalU without the use of cookies. However, if you choose to allow cookies in your browser, this will increase the useability of the application.